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Experian has stated that they’ve deleted errant residences and names for me.  Things should slowly percolate throughout various systems, and be seen by all sorts of eavesdroppers along the way.  Hopefully many systems will actually be capable of removing the false records.

One issue I have with ease of propagating specious data is that the FBI has officially announced that they will routinely commit felony wiretap violations on domestic targets.  The NSA’s vast trove of information has a huge amount of information from the private sector.  As more eyes view this data, selective leaks will become more common, and predictive algorithms will flag people on spurious data.

These silicon idols, erected against God, obviously will be used to cause crime.  Our world leading incarceration rates fulfill God’s promise that allowing those that would lord themselves over us in our own homes (Canaanites) to live among us will cause us to sin.  Welcome to Canaan 2.0.

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I’m having trouble clearing erroneous data gathered by credit bureaus.  This highlights the danger of the government just slurping everything up.  Experian doesn’t appear to do the most basic validation, this should have been caught.

New Relic Conference

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New Relic wanted a low back-pressure system, so that a back-up in the queue consumers does not effect the data producers.  Apache Kafka was selected for the message queue.

Queues in general can be serviced on a first available thread basis, or messages can be partitioned such that a given thread will only work on a specific type of message.  If the partitions are well balanced, there could be performance benefits from such specialization.  New Relic uses both strategies.  Monitored apps communicate with a first available thread collector, which then pushes messages onto the managed partition queue.

Since preprocessing is done at the collector, sensible balancing of the partitions on the second stage can be accomplished.

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Performing Arts Night

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This is my daughter (tie-dyed skirt) dancing at her school’s performing arts night. Thought I’d see if she is effective linkbait, so she can defend herself from SelectQuote and associated miscreants.  Click on the read more link for sharing links and the comment form…

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Info From the New Relic Conference

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While monitoring and logging systems may seem like a boring problem, consider that a thorough record of users’ interactions will be many time larger than the customer and order database(s).  Logical places to monitor requests for a web application, for example, could include entry and exit points as well as notable operations at the browser, load balancer, web server, application server, and database.

NewRelic keeps all of this data, and does not shrink it by aggregating records that get stored in the database against which reports are run.  This means you can drill down to the individual customer.

This are my thoughts from early in FutureStack 15!

Greene Wedding

July 30th, 2015 by

Congratulations to cousin Nate, and his new bride Nim.  The reception was held at O3 Bistro, a Laotian Thai place near City Hall.  The staff kept everything running smoothly, and the revelry was still going strong when I called it a night.  I figure that’s worth a happy post for once…

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Black Mold Six Month Checkup

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I’d seen Borax suggested, and since black mold likes acidic environment, I decided to use it instead of salt. Indeed, it is often used a a detergent booster, so it helped the primary solution as well. I just spray on and leave it. The bleach ate away exposed mold, and six months later, no new mold in any easy to reach areas. I found Chlorine bleach to be a better base ingredient to the solution than Peroxide based bleach. Smells worse, but it eats right through any exposed mold. In the cracks where bathroom fixtures enter the wall there may still be some. I just spray after the few rains we’ve had to ensure it won’t spread enter our unit. I don’t really know how this affects everyone else, for all I know it’s climbed up between the wall to threaten other units.

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My results after six months…

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