Nihonmachi Little Friends Fundraiser

March 3rd, 2015 by

From the Japantown Foundation, here is a word about this weekend’s Dowa No Omatsuri:

The children of Nihonmachi Little Friends (NLF) will present their annual theater production and auction, “Dowa no Omatsuri: A Festival of Children’s Stories” on Sunday, March 8, 2015, at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, 3301 Lyon Street in San Francisco.

Well-known community personalities Ms. June-ko Nakagawa and Mr. Benh Nakajo will serve as co-hosts for the theater program.

Featured will be GenRyu Arts and the students of NLF. The preschoolers will present their version of the children’s tales of “Three Little Pigs, Part 2” and “Rainbow Express”. The elementary school-age children will perform an original story, “The Magic Diary”. A silent auction beginning at 12pm in the lobby will precede the 1:30 performance and will feature a special performance of live music by The Shut-Ins, a mostly acoustic combo from San Francisco who specialize in “hula-billy” – a fun blend of country-western, honky-tonk, bluegrass and Hawaiian music. A raffle and refreshments in the lobby will follow the theater show.

Reader of my main blog will already be familiar with this event, as I have covered my daughter’s performances. I look forward to another fine performance this year.

Most Links Are Fixed – SelectQuote Review

February 8th, 2015 by

After some headaches, I’ve gotten the import done over at SelectQuote Review. Now on WordPress, hopefully this will help with my Google problems.
Most Links Are Fixed

SelectQuote Review Has Moved

January 22nd, 2015 by

SelectQuote Review is now running on WordPress on the naked domain  I’ve been doing significantly worse on Google than any other search engine, so I just want to limit my exposure.

Look for coverage on what looks to be a looming drug case involving SelectQuote.  I’ve had more people contact me, there are court documents baking up some of these claims.  I hope that I can bring the attention this deserves to bear on SelectQuote, by moving to the new platform.

Happy New Year From SelectQuote Review • SelectQuote Review

January 3rd, 2015 by

Happy New Year from SelectQuote Review! 2014 saw some vindication in our struggle. Now on to further gains in 2015!

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Circus • SelectQuote Review

September 5th, 2014 by

I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus yesterday with my family. It was quite a show, most of the time I avoided taking pictures so I could catch more of the action. One of the more impressive aspects was a close up look at the animals.

The protesters outside tell us about the poor conditions these animals are kept in. I don’t doubt that a circus is not really a place for wild animals. During the intermission Ringling Brothers gives their side, speaking about their donations to wildlife charities, and the possibility of reintroduction of endangered species.

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Release 6, Revision 6, Mark 1

May 27th, 2014 by

Far from being a tyrant, the one God in heaven handed down ten rules.  When at war with false gods, golden calves, etc. He has customarily suspended His ‘Don’t kill’ rule.

Contrast this to the rule of man.  We have created entire professions dedicated to the study and application of the rule of man.  The more the State exalts itself as a false idol, the more rules it has.  It need only to declare a war, to gather itself even more rules.

Their scope and breadth is such that everyone even in the most free societies has violated them, allowing for arbitrary and unfair enforcement.  Many won’t admit to this, so I’ll give a trivial example.  If we went back in time and enforced every moment you exceeded the speed limit, every driver in America would owe every dollar they ever will make to the State.

For two thousand years, the Lamb’s wrath has built over blood shed by the enemies of His Father.  Great will be the superficial splendor of the one government the will rule a world poised to oppose the Lamb’s return.

How many rules will expedite the free flow of the merchants’ wealth, while segregating people into markets and ghettos that allow for maximum exploitation and maximum ignorance of the trials of others.  But it’s leader will be so ‘caring’.  With rules extending to every aspect of your life.  You will know where and how your money should be spent, who to associate with, and especially how to raise kids.

Even science will obey the law.  We see this already, where e-cigarettes are said to contain hundreds (or more) of harmful chemicals, like real cigarettes.  Yet there is no combustion – where did the chemicals not in the liquid vaporized come from?  People making the rules need them to be there to make more rules, so they are.

Surely a religion expecting Jesus will return and overthrow this government will be deemed harmful by said government.  So you can believe in Jesus, but either He already came back (in a spiritual, not accomplishing much at all sense), or you are going to disappear before the bad government appears.  People believing otherwise tend to make drastic decisions.  Does there need to be a rule about their raising children?

I mean, there is an awful lot of dead or in jail among the early church leaders.  This was a badge of credibility in the New Testament.  Not really what you want to hear if you like to make rules.  Outside of African-American civil rights leaders, this aspect of Christianity is usually downplayed.

DARPA has brought us many great things, but I’m not looking forward to the synthetic telepathy being completed.  I don’t think you want release 6, revision 6, mark 6.  Every time you think Jesus might really be here, organizing resistance, it’s going to guide your thoughts back onto the correct path.

You aren’t thinking of removing it are you?  You aren’t some Middle Eastern terrorist.

You like people like you, and they buy lots of X, and their kids do Y and Z.  People that perform other activities have no reason for doing so, and no one in any way pushed them towards it.

“Uncle Sam Wong, thank you for watching over Abby and Mommy and Daddy.  In Dear Leader’s name we pray. Amen.”

This is always how you prayed, and Chimerica has always been fighting a terrorist named Jesus.  If that were really Jesus, you would have been Raptured by now.

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